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We work with clients who have vision and an appetite for growth. Here's what they had to say.

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person Brian MacNeice Founder & Managing Director, Kotinos Critical Skills

At Kotinos, we developed a training programme called ‘Kotinos Critical Skills’... we knew we had a really good product, what we really needed to do was make sure that all our potential clients understood what that product was. And get the message out there.

So we worked very closely with Web Together, set up the design and look at feel of that website, put it into place and that’s now the portal if you like, that we send our potential clients to, to have them look at the program and what it entails.

The results from putting the website together have been fantastic of us. We’ve a large network of potential clients and we let them know about the programme. They were able to reference it on the website itself, they were able to see what the programme was all about. And it’s given them more confidence to understand when we go to meet them, what the programme is about, what we’re gonna be talking about with them.

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person GAA Handball Case Study & Launch

"I think the project has gone brilliantly from our perspective. You know working with Web Together really has been a case of we have worked together on it. It’s such a pleasure to work with a group of people who are actually prepared to listen to what you have to say about it and come back with suggestions as to how they can work to make best advantage of your sport."

- Willie Roche, President, GAA Handball.

"...(Web Together) were by far the most energetic and enthusiastic out of everyone we meet. And they took a genuine interest and passion... it’s great that these guys have invested a lot of personal and professional time into this website for us."

- John Kelly, National Manager, GAA Handball.

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person Julianne Ní Chonchobhair Cló Iar-Chonnacht

"I think for every company and for every project there is a perfect web agency, and Web Together were the perfect fit for us. Not only did we solve the initial problem that we had, which was that we had reached the limits of our site, they hit the design briefs that we wanted perfectly. We've been given a website that has inspired ideas and is going to take us further."

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person Arthur Cahill General Manager, Clontarf Golf Club

"Our members are getting instant access to results, which is a unique feature - and some other golf clubs have actually copied it since."

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person James Bowen Founder & Managing Director, Kotinos Partners

Kotinos Partners is a niche advisory firm with a particular interest in high-performance. So we study great institutions in different fields across business, sports, military and the arts to understand what it is that makes them great.

We’re a small business, and most people to whom we get referred haven’t heard of us before. So having a presence on the web was important in that regard, that was professional and looked the part.

We’ve partnered with the Web Together guys for several years now on addressing our website and they’ve done a really good job in in getting to know our business and getting to know us well.

Clients who’ve come and looked at it have remarked on how well it presents the business and I suppose in particular and how well it marks us out from some of the people we’re competing with. It also works as a platform for us in communicating with the clients that we have, which then leads to more referrals down the line sharing with them our thinking with regard to high performance, it involves sharing with them the news of our research and so on and so forth as we continue to do that.

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person Pat Lardner Chief Executive, Irish Funds

"We went through a tender process to select experts in this field, as a member association we have a lot of skills and a lot of members with skills, but website design and development wasn’t one. We were really impressed with the people, both in terms of not only their technical knowledge, but their willingness and ability to understand our business, our industry and our members. We also referenced them very carefully with not only firms in our industry but in other areas, about the way they might interact with us in what was a short timeframe with a fair bit of pressure to deliver a high quality product."

"I always judge a project like this by the outcome, and the outcome come was that we got a great website which was on time, on budget and now...we’re seeing traffic is up, the feedback from our members has been strong and importantly it provides us with a platform to give more information and we think better service not only to our members but hopefully the people who want to do business here in Ireland."

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person Neil Jordan Director of Sales & Marketing, Novum

"We researched a few companies and found Web Together. We’re now four months after the website has launched, and the results have been remarkable.

We’re now handing high quality leads to our local distributors across the world, and we’ve seen a significant increase in our sales pipeline. We’re very happy with the success of the website, and we’re currently in talks with Web Together about implementing phase two of the process."

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person Verena Brennan Marketing Officer, Codema

"What impressed us about Web Together was the project management of the website. Things were done on time and there was always someone there to help us through the process."

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person Jim O’Brien Managing Director, People Partners

"Like many professional services firms, a lot of our business comes through referrals. We were conscious that very often when our name would’ve been mentioned by maybe an existing client or a colleague, the first thing that that potential new client would do is go to the website to have a look at who we are.

We were conscious that the message wasn’t crisp, wasn’t clear, and it wasn’t helping us. The help that we sought from Web Together was to help create a very professional image and an image that crisply and cleanly articulated the services we had to offer"

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person Seán Haughey Councillor, Dublin City Council

"Web Together offered everything that I needed. They had a local understanding, they had a very professional approach, they knew what I needed and provided practical solutions."

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person Jacqueline Hogan Marketing Executive, ITC

Web Together were very professional and helpful from even the initial stages in that they really sought to understand our company’s needs. The project management was incredibly efficient. People are landing on our site now and they’re staying on the site, they’re interacting with the site. Our ranking

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person Jennifer Connolly Marketing Manager, Integrity360

Integrity360 is the largest security IT provider in Ireland and the fastest growing in the UK. We offer a 360 degree security portfolio to our enterprise clients, and cover all areas of risk and security from every aspect.

The company turned ten years old last year, and as part of that we also went through the process of rebranding. We were taking on a lot of new clients and also a lot of new employees, so it was very important that our website was up to date.

We came across Web Together, they had won a number of awards that we were familiar with so we got them in to talk to us, and from the very start they were very helpful.

We gave Web Together major deadlines to stick to, we had a rebrand launch date in mind, and we gave them very very tight deadlines to stick to. They were phenomenal at doing that and they were constantly updating us week by week, they were ahead of schedule in most cases. They were giving us back stuff to approve before we were even scheduled to approve it. So they were phenomenal in that, and they went above and beyond to make sure we hit that deadline and if not exceeded it.

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person Michael Byrne Partner, DBASS Accountants

"We approached Web Together to build our new website. We were quite skeptical about the process and the time investment we would have to make. However we received very practical assistance throughout the project so that we focused solely on the drivers of a good website.

We met with them regularly and were also provided with helpful marketing advice into the bargain. We had a defined budget and Web Together delivered a high quality website within that. Our hugely improved ranking position on Google has been a welcome bonus."

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person Bob Tait VP Marketing, Movidius

"We had a major PR announcement that was about to go out on Techcrunch and other major consumer technology blogs. With a strong association with Google’s Tango Project, we expected the likely traffic to our website as a consequence would place huge pressure on our servers although we were not in a position to predict actual traffic levels.

We described our problem to Web Together who proposed a cost-effective, scalable solution that allowed us to proceed with the PR with the utmost confidence that our brand was fully protected.

Web Together also completed a highly innovative extranet solution for us to efficiently scale the support for our proprietary software development tools globally. With their excellent customer project management, technical and design capability, I would highly recommend them to any business looking for high quality design and development."

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person Brendan Comey Director, Comsec Fire Protection

"Web Together demonstrated that they had the technical know-how to present our products and services and came up with some innovative ideas to do this. We are very pleased with the end result and how the partnership worked out"

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person Eddie Lewis President, Cricket Leinster

"Cricket Leinster is very happy with the new website developed by Web Together. It has proved very popular with the cricketing public and the response has been universally positive.

Web Together provided an excellent service. The site was delivered on time and to budget, the development took place in a very co-operative spirit and, most importantly, it was clear from the outset that Web Together took massive pride in their work"

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